Wheelie Bar Solution
Why We Dominate
Made from T6-6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum.  Legendary durability.
Machined, tapped, bent and finished to the highest tolerances.  Nothing compares to the performance, fit and finish of the Swami Bar.
A beautiful accessory to compliment your style.  Brilliant brushed finish with three choices of color
Swami-RC Ultimate Wheelie Bar
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Out of Business

Having served the RC community for almost twenty years, the SwamiBar was a proven technology for wheelie control on Traxxas Trucks. The SwamiBar has consistently received rave reviews through RC forums and was proud to be recommended by those in the know.

Swami-RC started word of mouth on the traxxass forums in a day when there was no youtube, no reddit and no other place to discuss R/C. In that small pond, we made a name for our products and never advertised in all 18 years of business. This was always a small side business but at its height shipped about one wheeliebar a day. Eventually with no infusion of new attention, sales dwindled enough to call it quits.

I do have 300 pair of machined colored wheels, so drop me an email if you're interested :)

Swami-RC began in September 2002 with the goal of providing a central repository of Traxxas Stampede RC (Remote Control) Videos.
Over this time, we've sold more than 3000 high-quality wheeliebars! Thanks for your support!
Contact: swami@swami-rc.com