Your BulletProof 4x4 Wheeliebar Solution for the Stampede, Rustler or Bandit!

A super-buff Wheelie bar on steroids! This product was spawned out of urgent necessity. Once you've got enough power and traction in your R/C, the frontend will be coming up at will.  A wheelie bar, is simply another set of wheels, behind the rear wheels, that your truck can rest on when its front tires are pointed skyward.

Without it, your truck will go out of control when the rear-end touches the ground. This can wear right through the transmission housing, exposing the motor to the environmental perils of R/C!

Our "tough as sh*t" Wheelie Bar has two positions and three choices of wheels.

The high position is a better choice for low to medium power setups and lets you ride high, dramatic wheelies.  If you have a ripping hot setup, the high position might allow for a flip-over.  The wheeliebar can be inverted to have much more control over wheelieing, keeping the rise to a minimum.

The Original Swamibar wheels are super tough solid rubber on an aluminum hub, but some customers are looking for the ultimate blinged out rides.  We also offer Traxxas Anodized Wheels in red (shown above) and also blue.

History of The Legendary SwamiBar

I did what anyone would do, I bought what was on the market. The awful thing pictured here was destroyed within a couple of days. Don't they know how we treat these trucks? I beat the snot out of mine. I needed a device that would hold up.

Look at this thing. You could bend its skid plate with your bare hands! The hubs on the cheap foam tires break, and the pathetic bolts easily bend.

Look at the massive axle bolts we use compared to our competitors.  We use a different wheel now, but yeah, no skimpy bolts!

In every way, our products are over-engineered for extreme strength.

Machine Guy Steve

Assembly is a simple matter of screwing together the provided plate, axle, wheels and hardware. 

The 4x4 Wheeliebar attaches directly to the existing rear bumper assembly with four supplied screws.

The instructions for installing the axle and wheels is the same as for the 2wd version.

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