Your BulletProof Wheeliebar Solution for the Stampede, Rustler or Bandit!

A super-buff Wheelie bar on steroids! This product was spawned out of urgent necessity. Once you've got enough power and traction in your R/C, the frontend will be coming up at will.  A wheelie bar, is simply another set of wheels, behind the rear wheels, that your truck can rest on when its front tires are pointed skyward.

Without it, your truck will go out of control when the rear-end touches the ground. This can wear right through the transmission housing, exposing the motor to the environmental perils of R/C!

Our "tough as sh*t" Wheelie Bar comes in two bends and three choices of wheels.

The Full Bend is a better choice for low to medium power setups and lets you ride high, dramatic wheelies.  If you have a ripping hot setup, the Full Bend can be insufficient and allow for flip-overs. In that case, choose the Laid Back bend.

The Original Swamibar wheels are super tough solid rubber on an aluminum hub, but some customers are looking for the ultimate blinged out rides.  We also offer Traxxas Anodized Wheels in red (shown above) and also blue.

History of The Legendary SwamiBar

I did what anyone would do, I bought what was on the market. The awful thing pictured here was destroyed within a couple of days. Don't they know how we treat these trucks? I beat the snot out of mine. I needed a device that would hold up.

Look at this thing. You could bend its skid plate with your bare hands! The hubs on the cheap foam tires break, and the pathetic bolts easily bend.

Look at the massive axle bolts we use compared to our competitors.  We use a different wheel now, but yeah, no skimpy bolts!

Machine Guy Steve

That's when I brought up my problem to Machine Guy Steve. Together we designed the Swami-Bar. These started out completely hand made. With T6 6061 1/8" Aluminum plate stock, 3/8" Aluminum round stock, massive 5mm bolts, and solid airplane wheels. Unlike our competitors, we use a "radius bend" which is far stronger than a straight bend on the plate. There is no fulcrum point for the plate to bend over. Extreme Strength

After selling over 150 SwamiBars, we've decided to have a real "shop" start helping us make them. These new SwamiBars are super, super fine looking. Every edge is machined, and there is even a machined flat spot for the axle to interface with the plate. All the strength and quality of the Original Swamibar, now married to a perfect finish.

Assembly is a simple matter of screwing together the provided plate, axle, wheels and hardware. 

From Cruiser:

Hey, Everyone,Just thought I would put in a good word for our old friend Swami. After tearing up a couple of ESP wheelie bars, I decided to get one that Swami is selling. If you need a wheelie bar, the Swami-Bar is the way to go.

Swami is easy to deal with and he delivered just what he promised. The SwamiBar is WAY better than the ESP wheelie bar. It's much thicker and has model airplane wheels instead of the foam wheels that come with the ESP wheelie bar. I installed mine yesterday and it fit perfectly. I pulled wheelies all up and down the street yesterday and it hardly had a scratch.

If you need a wheelie bar, the SwamiBar is definitely the way to go.

Swami, YOU ROCK!

From Bobatk:

Just received my wheelie bar..Thanks bud..The quality is awesome and will last forever..Wish all manufacturers were quality like this.....

From Razer:

I had several vertical jumps land on the SwamiBar wheels with no bending at all. Very well made & I would have grinded off the back of my trannys for sure without them. If you like torque & wheelies, you need a SwamiBar! If you don't like torque & wheelies, you need a Tyco.

From King:

The swamibar is also like a motor-saver. I'm sure my motors would be all beat up without it. I've landed numerous times 
on the swami-bar and I always think what if the bar wasn't there?
Destruction to the rear would result for sure. The rubber airplane wheels are also a good bumper when landing jumps on your tail end or if the truck starts cartwheeling.

From Coleko:

Well I got my Swami Bar in the mail today and im very happy. Best thing Ive ever got for my pede besides my Brushless. I finally get to use my new body with out tearing it up in the rear. Good work very strong wheelie bar. It took some nasty cart wheels already and some nasty landings on it as well. Not a dent or bend on it. Keep up the good work on making great products for the pede. The next thing for me is to get your rear chassis brace. Thanks a lot .

From T Crusher:

I setup a plywood jump, about 3 feet high, had ALOT of running room, so I was jumping at very hairy speeds with a very hairy # of cells. A TON of times I landed on the bar, even with 12 cells, all that weight, landing fully on the SwamiBar, not a bend or tweak in sight...

An easy 10/10

The hardest test of them all, the BMX track, using 10 cells...

It held up very well to this INSANE abuse. On my 3rd pack I snapped one of my Big Bore shock shafts... I couldnt believe it... That is probably the hardest I have ever ran my truck, and the SwamiBar still stands strong...

From Tun:

Just arrived today and I just tried it out - VERY NICE. The construction is amazing. I really appreciate your help and advice earlier. That aluminum is cool, way thinner than the home depot stuff I was using and lighter.

Going to show off to my Rustler-buddy tomorrow at work. Thx again!